Creating funny inspirational show experiences 

Tony O will have your group in stitches from the very first minute !!

Tony appeals mainly to the 60s generation and older. Gated 55+ communities are his bread and butter. As he says, the 60s generation is now in their 60s. Although many of his stories have some connection to his disability, they also apply to most married people with children and grandchildren.

He writes all his own material which has been culled from a lifetime of observing life from his own unique perspective. He believes that a day never goes by without something funny happening - we just don't often stop to appreciate this daily dose of humour !

After one of his very first shows, he got a phone call very early the next morning from a female who said “Oooooooh Tony ! you were sooooooooo good last night” Without skipping a beat he said, “Do you know how many years it’s been since I’ve heard that? ------by the way who is this ?”

Every show is a G rated show - no F-bombs and certainly no blasphemy - this isn't a night club show by any stretch.

One wife, 4 children, 3 grandchildren, and 28 years as a triple amputee police officer provide plenty of material for both a hilarious yet inspirational evening.

Please review the shows I have to offer and contact me to discuss any potential engagements you may be planning.

Why Tony for your show ? 

His comedy is G rated / no F bombs !
His shows have received terrific reviews.
Hardly any preparation on your part is necessary other then advertising.
Not only does he make you laugh - he inspires.
He only charges a very reasonable amount.
He has never canceled a show even when ill !
He appeals best to older audiences.
Everyone leaves his show in a better mood.
Money back guarantee if you don’t enjoy the show.
People all say it is better than watching reruns of Rosanne or stepping in doggie doo.